Surface Disinfection

The M8 Steri Air team have a two pronged approach to Surface Disinfection

These being Hard and Soft Surface, “Before and Post” the client being attended

Stage One – Our M8 Steri Air – Safe and Sound Automated Entrance system takes care of the client generally prior to entering the reception area

Stage Two – Our M8 Steri Air – Steri Safe system is a full package that is integrated into the dental chair (new or existing) and is used for Surface Disinfection of the surgery by the Dental Assistant either pre or post the client visit. This operation takes around 60 – 120 seconds to execute.

The system is designed to be “Dry Contact” enabling fast or continuous return to service within the practice

The Above Complements the UVC Airborne Disinfection Systems in our Portfolio

M8 Steri Safe Surgery Unit

This Atomised Misting unit is unique as it links directly to the Dental Chair, takes minimal space, is portable and can be used if necessary whilst the patient is present.

The unit comes with a 5m flexible line a dispensing gun with trigger and a high quality atomising nozzle.

This enables all surfaces to be disinfected whether Hard or Soft, easy or awkward.

M8 Safe and Sound Door Entry System

A patient actvated automated system that disinfects the patient on entry to the Practice.

The unit dispenses the atomised Dry Contact disinfection for a given period after which the patient can go through to the Reception area.

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M8 Steri Safe Surface Disinfection 5ltr

Our Disinfection product is available in 5l Containers. This for ease of replenishing the holding containers.

It can be supplied in multiples of 5l on a sliding scale of cost.

This being 25l, 50l, 100l, 500l and 1000l

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