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Misting, Fogging, Disinfection Products and Solutions

ANY area that could be Fogged, Misted, Disinfected to eradicate the Current Covid 19 Virus




Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfection of surfaces both hard & soft

UK Design
UK Developed
UK Manufactured

Fast Return or Continuous Operational Service


Air Disinfection

Air Disinfection Systems

High Quality UVC Systems

Wall or Ceiling Mount

German Manufactured Product



The M8 Steri Air - Ultimate Dream


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COVID 19 - Something Important you Need to Know.

Do we have a cure – No, Do we have a Vaccine – No,
What we do have is solutions to mitigate the problem and allow people who serve others the opportunity to do so in as safe a manner as possible

Recent resounding words from New York Mayor Cuomo whilst facing a barrage of media questions on opening New York to business early to “save the economy” and protect jobs.

There is no cure “Only Death”, There is no Vaccine – “Only Death”, There is no Economy – “Only Death”

« Our Mission Statement »

Our Mission is to be the most recognised solutions provider within the industries that we provide our products to.

This to be the full design, development, delivery, install, service and maintenance across the United Kingdom.

— M8Steriair 

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